• Chloe James

Where I've Been

And what's coming up!

You may have noticed that I've been MIA over here of recent (or maybe you haven't, things have been happening, we all have lives- I wouldn't hold it against you!)

Well, there's a very cute, noisy, cuddly reason for my recent absence:

At the beginning of March, our son Charlie Thomas Ian was born (rather spectacularly!) into the world! So it has been a blur of baby bliss, recovery, and getting used to being a family of three, all during the growing threat of a global pandemic!

Prior to giving birth, I did draft up a few blog posts, and videos, as the weeks leading up to Charlie's arrival were quite eventful. At 37 weeks, I had a seizure which triggered a series of events and meant things happened quite quickly (and not so quickly- I'll explain later!!). We also needed to be induced, and the process was much more intense and drawn out than anticipated.

I also celebrated epilepsy awareness, and created a couple of videos about things about other than my epilepsy, and more videos in my teaching with epilepsy series. I even got a response from one of my teaching idols- Brad Cohen- which brightened my year!! And I intend to do a video about that as well.

I hope you are all staying safe. We are doing well in our little bubble here, made infinitely easier with baby snuggles close to hand.

Stay safe.

Stay positive.

Stay home.

We've got this!


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